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 Simple Acts of Kindness 

We are overwhelmed and grateful for the love, support and desire to help that has been expressed by so many during this tragic event that has taken Mike and Nora DiMuria from all of us. We will never understand why this happened.  What we do know is that how Mike and Nora lived is the reason for the outpouring of love. 


Mike and Nora dedicated their lives to serving others through simple acts of kindness.  Dinner for a neighbor who was alone, caring for friends and family during times of illness or loss, pushing you to be the best version of yourself and giving children tools to learn and grow.


Thank you to all that attended the service and celebration of life.  Please check back to see photos from the celebration.  

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  Tales of Kindness  

"Every month, my Grandma and Grandpa send me Highlights magazines in the mail because they love me and want me to learn new things."

- Tatum DiMuria

Every year, Nora and Mike spent months preparing for their annual 4th of July party.  They brought family and friends from near and far together to create new friendships and foster the existing relationships that made their lives so full.
Nora was a nurse at her core- caring for anyone in need at any time from terminal illnesses to cuts and scrapes- healing loved ones in a way that only Nora could. Mike was a constant rock to lean on.  No matter the situation, Mike’s words of wisdom and advise provided support to so many to make it through the immediate and stronger forever. 
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Have an act of kindness to share?  

In honor of Mike and Nora’s beautiful life we are asking you to share stories and pictures depicting how their simple acts of kindness impacted your life.  To continue their legacy and keep their memory alive we are also asking you to perform a simple act of kindness in their honor and share it on this site in the comments below so we may all see how their life has inspired a better world. 


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